Monday, October 31, 2011

The Great Poppy Takeover

"ratatouille", 36" x 54" at Patricia Rovzar Gallery in December

Poppies are addictive. Although the big bloom was early summer, they have taken over the studio for many months.

Earlier in the year, I opened up my photo archives to discover hundreds of images of the opiate flower snapped over the summer. Thinking this must be some kind of sign, I decided to give in. I have two more small poppy paintings to complete, and a large commission.

detail from ratatouille

In order to keep the topic fresh, I am deconstructing some of the forms to give more of an impression of the flower within its environment.

"wild rubies", 2 panels, 50" x 48" overall, soon to deliver to Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta 

I'm also adding more exposed brushwork. Some of the branches and leaves take on a calligraphic quality. 

details from "wild rubies"

"Some say that doing the same thing over and over is boring. 
Others say that doing the same thing over and over can be a door to an experience that transcends boredom." 
- Richard Stine, Pal Press Greeting Card.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

October in Seattle

Joseph Maruska, "Sea Cole" 72 x 36 oil on panel

It's definitely fall in Seattle, which means days are cooler, wetter and shorter, giving me more opportunity to visit the local galleries. 

Joseph Maruska is the featured artist this month at Patricia Rovzar Gallery. Maruska is an expert at drawing the eye deep into the painting. The colors and textures and application of paint is luscious. To me each painting tells a mystical story, revealing atmosphere infused landscapes. Maruska's show will be up through the end of October. As an added bonus, I have three of my own pieces hanging in the alcove.  I just love the way my work looks with the Maruskas. 

Alan Fulle, "Video Tower: Wish", cut epoxy materials in epoxy resin, projected video

Traver Gallery never fails to surprise me. I am especially drawn to the work of Alan Fulle and his towers that combine epoxy resins with projected video. You must experience this work in person. 

Upstairs from Traver Gallery lives the architecture firm SRG Partnership. They have designed a large open space in their entry to support a gallery highlighting local artists. This month elevate one floor up to see the beautiful landscapes of Anita Lehman. Fresh, simple and masterful. I want to drink them up. And. They are affordable.