Monday, April 19, 2010

Shawna Moore: Encaustic Painter

I had a visit with an encaustic artist from Oregon this past weekend who introduced me to the work of Shawna Moore. This video provides wonderful insight into the creative process.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Dogs Eye View

"Ahhh, To Nap in the Tall Grass of Summer" 36 x 48

"Bound Through Uncut Meadows" 35.5 x 48

"Twigs Tangle in Feathery Tails" three panels, 6 x 48, overall 18 x 48

"Dive Into Scent-Covered Blades" 35.5 x 48

These are my current paintings from the Solstice Park series of work. My dog Rocky and I visit this park daily. He spends the morning in absolute bliss. The paintings are sighted in the low four-legged vantage point of a standard poodle. The titles are words from my talented friend Lisa Wogan's book Unleashed. I'm delivering all four pieces to the Patricia Rovzar Gallery today.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Studio Open House Tonight

36" x 48", encaustic & mixed media on wood

I have four paintings ready to deliver to the gallery this weekend. Stop by the studio tonight, April 8th, from 6pm-8pm to share a glass of wine and view the work before they leave the workshop. Or, head to the Patricia Rovzar Gallery in May where you can see them along with the few remaining pieces from my February show.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Shows

April showers bring May flowers, and also a host of good shows to visit. This month at Patricia Rovzar Gallery features the intricate work of Isabelle du Toit. The images are beautiful, quiet and expertly rendered. I had the opportunity to meet the artist last week, and her intensity towards her subject drew me ever closer to the work. Patricia Rovzar Gallery.

Across the street at Friesen Gallery you can see the art from the book "Speak for the Trees", with work by an astounding number of exceptional artists including: Lynda Lowe (pictured above), Martin Blank, Kim Keever, Laura Sharp Wilson, JanisMiltenberger and more. Don't miss the exceptional piece by the Starn Brothers. Speak for the Trees.

Make your way down to the Alexis Hotel to see the new work of Alicia Tormey. Alicia's use of the wax medium is absolutely gorgeous in technique and her graceful compositions bring you into the dream state of the work. Alicia Tormey