Monday, April 19, 2010

Shawna Moore: Encaustic Painter

I had a visit with an encaustic artist from Oregon this past weekend who introduced me to the work of Shawna Moore. This video provides wonderful insight into the creative process.


Kristine Campbell said...

I have been watching the old movie Painters Painting. When there is not nearby a community of artists you are talking to I find these movies and books very helpful. So thanks for this video!
Thanks too for your comments on the stickiness of encaustic. I am really cutting back on the amount of oil I'm adding but I'm worried the vibrant colors I want will be lost. I may have to resort to using R&F, which I really like, but the cost is a bit much for me sometimes.

Shawna Moore said...

Joyce, thanks for sharing my video. I am actually originally from Oregon and did live a bit in Santa Fe. Now I live in Montana where the movie was made.