Friday, March 9, 2012

A Back Breaking Labor of Love

I'm currently working on a large (50in x 66in) commission for the lobby of a hospital here in Washington State. I love commissions. And although challenging, I love working large.

The panel was expertly constructed by Matthew Olds of Hold Studios. And this time I also outsourced my large format printing from The Color Group. All of the pieces were beautifully produced, and everything is coming together just as planned. On schedule.

And then today. Instead of waiting to ask someone in the building to help me glue the large sheet onto its substrate, I decided I could handle it myself. I slopped the glue onto the panel and quickly squeegeed it across the board to a smooth, level finish.

I carefully picked up the large sheet, and was immediately engulfed by the mass. To avoid the sheet falling onto the sticky surface, I flopped the thing over my head and blindly lined up the edges into the correct position on the panel.

Stick. Remove. Kink. Crease. Tear.

Then finally, it rolled into place and I began frantically burnishing the surface. Dabs of glue spotted everywhere. This will require sanding and covering with some R+F Encaustic gesso in areas.

Whew. It will all work out in the end, but next big project, I'll be enlisting a helping hand. For now, I need a back rub and a martini.