Tuesday, April 17, 2012


'midsummer eve'  50" x 66"
Today marked the successful delivery of this large (50 x 66) commissioned photo-encaustic painting. It travelled across two bridges and three highways, balanced in the bed of a borrowed pick-up truck.

I made a secure shipping box out of pink foam plank insulation, the kind you would use in your walls at home. But once the entire box was completed, the size was one inch too wide to fit within the covered bed of the truck. In Seattle, with a constant threat of rain, road debris and stop-and-go traffic, I was concerned about damage to my precious cargo.

But, sometimes you just have to give in to circumstance. My husband and father-in-law secured our load and we drove, carefully, to our final destination. Happily, the stars were in alignment and the painting now rests safely in the consultant's showroom where it awaits installation onto the reception area walls of St Clair Hospital in Lakewood Washington. 

Thankfully, its final delivery and installation is now in the very capable hands of licensed professionals.
midsummer eve, photographed at an angle to show hi-gloss surface