Sunday, July 18, 2010

All Hung Up

The wall structure for holding the large panel in a vertical position was complete a couple of weeks ago. I was so anxious to get started with the paint application that I neglected to post my final entry about the construction project until today.
The image above shows how the panel rests on the steel and wood brackets. These brackets are bolted to channels, which in turn are bolted to the wall. I can slide the brackets up or down the channel to adjust the height of the painting.

I've intentionally blacked-out the painting because I don't want anyone to peek at the work in progress before it's completed and presented to the client. But you can see in this picture the full wall unit. A great additional purchase was a rolling scaffold with locking wheels. I can use it both for standing on to reach the higher areas of the work, and as a work table for my wax palettes.

One of the characteristics of the wax medium is how the color and textures seem to change with the light. So I was excited to discover a bonus to this new block and tackle setup. I can move the painting from the wall to another part of the room, along the ceiling (as shown in the previous entries), allowing me to view the work from greater distances, and under different lighting conditions.

The painting is really moving along nicely. I have about two more weeks of painting, and then I'll be finalizing the surface and finishing the edges. It delivers in mid-August, so stay-tuned for the posting of the finished painting.