Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Garlic Soup" selected for exhibit

I am honored to have my work selected for inclusion in the Arterra showroom in Bellevue, Washington. Carol Anderson and her team of art consultants are among the best in the industry. The large showroom is full of work by the most sought-after artists in the region. Arterra sells only to designers and architects, with projects ranging from residential to hospitals, hotels and corporate collections.

Garlic Soup

"Garlic Soup" (72" x 36") 2008 encaustic, mixed media on wood.

This is my first really large encaustic with deeply inscribed words. The text begins with the latin for the various species of allium. When it gets to the allium name for garlic, the text becomes a recipe for garlic soup. (you can actually make soup from the recipe carved into the panel). After the soup recipe is complete, the text turns into a quote from Georgia O'Keefe about how people will bring their own meanings with them when they view an image of a flower. And then it ends with some simple suggestions about the proper growing of allium. From a distance, the viewer may not even realize the text is there, as it just appears as texture. As you get closer, the marks start to form into recognizable letters. If you take the time to look at the painting longer, the letters become words. It's really interesting to watch people as they view the work and move towards a greater understanding of the entire panel. Its not necessary to read the painting to enjoy it, but it gives it another layer of depth.

Above is a detail from Garlic Soup.