Monday, January 20, 2014

Stephanie Hargrave, Proliferous

detail of hargrave
Stephanie Hargrave, detail
Missing opening night of a talented and popular local artist can have it's advantages. I love going to the openings to support the artist, and experience the excitement in the room. But often there is so much energy in the room, that I find myself missing some really beautiful details.

Stephanie Hargrave, detail
This was exactly the case for the January show at Patricia Rovzar Gallery featuring new work from encaustic artist Stephanie Hargrave.
Stephanie Hargrave, detail
Stephanie's newest body of work displays both the maturity of an established artist, and the joy in exploring the depth and breadth of a difficult medium. I found myself getting so close to the paintings that my nose almost grazed the surface. There are bumps and etchings, and layers upon layers of yummy wax to explore with your eyes. It is almost impossible to resist caressing the surfaces with my hands. Lovely.

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