Sunday, November 20, 2011

Inspiration From Architecture

"and the leaf is singing still", 32.5" x 30"

This is the final painting ready to deliver to Patricia Rovzar Gallery for the annual group show this December.

I'm planning to explore bamboo in depth in the months leading to my June 2012 solo show. My husband is naturally the best architect in Seattle, but this particular inspiration came from a visit to my neighbor's house, designed by another talented local architect, Tyler Engle

front entry with view of bamboo through window beyond

As you walk toward the entry, you are greeted by a soft glow of light  filtered through the front door. Immediately opposite the front door is a frosted glass window, which looks out upon a contained area of densely planted bamboo. During the day, the bamboo is lit naturally, and the forms take on soft silhouetted forms. At night, the bamboo is lit, and the soft forms present different colors and patterns. These patterns are constantly changing throughout the day. The way some leaves press up against the glass and others fall softly into the background reminds me so much of how wax reveals and hides the image in photo encaustic painting. It was a struggle to join the conversation of the party, as I found myself wandering to the hallway for glances of that beautiful scene throughout the night. A magical box. I must find a way to intrude on my neighbor for more visits, and potential photographs.

If you find yourself downtown in December, please stop by the gallery and then let me know what you think of my new work. 

above: details from "the leaf is singing still"

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