Monday, March 7, 2011

Giggles of Delight

"giggles of delight" 36 x 63

I'm stunned at how long it's been since I've posted to my blog site. My excuse is a good one, as I've been holed up in the studio finalizing the work for the April show at Patricia Rovzar Gallery. There are 17 paintings completed, and I'm working on four additional panels which may join the show if they look like a good fit.

"Giggles of Delight"
is one of the larger pieces for the show next month. I love the movement in this piece. The wild grasses really seem to be dancing as little seeds twirl off the stems. The naming of this was a serendipitous moment. As I completed the painting, a friend posted a photo on her Facebook page of her daughter in absolute glee, the description included the words "giggles of delight". Makes me happy just to type those words here.

I'll share more sneak peeks during these final weeks of prep.

above: details from "giggles of delight"

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