Tuesday, February 9, 2010

About Inspiration

"Birth of Venus" 10 x 36
Opening night challenged me to see things differently. I found myself unable to completely answer some of the questions asked. So now I'm trying to put it all into the bigger picture.

You asked me what my inspiration was for your painting. It may be the way the fog sat heavily on the hillside. Or the way the colors filtered through the light. Or the way the wild grass seemed to dance in the mist.

My first impression is very different from what was captured by my camera. And the thing that my hand creates from that image is even further removed from the original. I don't know exactly how the image will evolve when I begin. I may have an idea in my minds eye, but I allow the conditions of the day to guide my hand. If I am relaxed the work takes on a softness, if I am anxious, my nervous energy transfers through my hand to the canvas.

When the painting is complete, it rests. And then I see something entirely new. It is as if this thing I painted is a mirror which reflects my personal histories.

Now you see the work with different eyes. And you bring all your own memories and associations. Your impressions can be so different from my own. And that is what I love about art. That it is different and unique for every person.

I try to create something beautiful. But it is you who gives it life. And that is inspiration enough.

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