Friday, May 29, 2009

the meaning of the paintings

Each painting is a collaboration with a multitude of contributors. For example, my eye sees one thing, and my mind interprets what the eye sees in a completely different way. Then the hand takes over and constructs, or deconstructs, the thing in it's own way. And the result becomes something entirely unique and different from the original subject. All the different body parts work with each other and against each other to create the final product.

Then someone looks at the finished painting and changes its meaning once again. I thought I knew what the painting meant. But when I hear someone else put their own words and thoughts and meanings into it, I think to myself 'yes, thats what it means'. And its all so different from what I thought I intended.

The painting is allowed to continue to evolve without my hand or mind or eye coming in contact with it at all.

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